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The University of London Archery Club is open to all University of London students (undergraduate and postgraduate) as well as members of staff and alumni. We welcome beginners as well as experienced archers and provide practice sessions and coaching for both. It doesn't matter if you are completely new to the sport, already compete at national and international level or just want to shoot for fun, you can come along and join! While the majority of archers use recurve bows we are keen to encourage other forms such as longbow, barebow, and horsebow. We have experienced archers keen to share their skills with you. We organise national, regional and club competitions for both novice and experienced archers, as well as lots of fun socials!


















What We Do


In a typical session, the range will be set up and a number of practice distances with a choice of target faces will be set up. Equipment is provided in Student Central's Upper Hall during sessions, and is available for rent to those looking to compete. Senior members of the club work in small groups with the newer members to improve their technique and offer guidance when required. Archery GB recognised rounds can be shot on the Sunday for archers wishing to try their hand at competitions, but we also run fun shoots. Styles include recurve, barebow and longbow.

The opportunity to participate in competitions on behalf of the University of London is available throughout the year.


For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at: ularchers@gmail.com, or join our Facebook page.

More information on membership can be found here, and can be purchased from our Student Central website here.


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"Since joining this small club in October, I have found a dedicated and close nit group of friends, who are always looking to improve their shooting but also have fun. It has been a great pleasure to help coach this very talented team to their novice BUCS medals earlier in the year."


- Margaux Mesle - Senior Member


"I have attended the Archery Club for the entire 1st and 2nd terms of the academic year, my experience of the group has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of acceptance of beginners and experienced alike, with plentiful opportunities for practice and access to competitions. The social aspect has been very good as well in terms of casual meet ups and formal arrangements."


- Dominic Alcock - Novice Member